Sunday, May 14

Peterborough · Toronto

We leave today on our first trip to Portugal, which will last for three weeks. Our journey begins in Lisboa (after an overnight flight from Toronto on SATA) and ends in Porto on Sunday, 4 June.

Some initial research indicates that we will be quite comfortable in Lisboa, since the people there have a "... passion for drinking red wine with fish, ..." (MacDonogh, Giles. Portuguese Table Wines. London: Grub Street, 2001.)! Helena, one of our Travelzine friends in Lisboa, has offered a counterpoint to this statement, viz "Portuguese wines are very good, especially the red wine from Douro region or Alentejo region. They are better then our white wines but Portuguese people don't drink fish with red wine. With fish we drink white wine (usually…)". One thing we are certain of: there is quite a lot of good wine in Portugal!

We have reservations in the following places: